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Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons Wiki!

Dungeons & Dragons is a game originally made by TSR and Gary Gygax, is now owned and published by Wizards of the Coast.

D&D is the classic role-playing game with lots of dungeons, weapons, magic and the occasional dragon. In the D&D world there are a number of different campaign settings that each game can be played in, so there aren't a whole lot of set-in-stone facts about the world of D&D that carry across to all of these campaigns. The only thing you can rely upon regardless of the D&D campaign world, is that you will be using the D20 system rules.

The purpose of this wiki is to bring all the information about D&D into one place that can be easily accessible to anyone, and one that everyone can change. Because of the massive quantity of information about D&D already on the web, this wiki will mainly focus on the information needed for campaigns being run through this wiki, as shown under the Campaign Portal section below.

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