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These are the races available.


Humans are the descendants of pioneers,. conquerers, traders, refugees, ad other peoples on the move. As a result, human
lands are home to a mix of people - physically, culturally, religiously, and politically different. Hardy and fine,
light or dark, showy or austere, primitive or civilized, devout or impious, humans run the gamut. Humans are the most
adaptable, flexible, and ambitious among the races. others accuse them of having little respect of history, but its only
natural that humans, would have a shorter memory than other races due to their short life span and constantly changing cultures.


Dwarves are known for their skill in warfare, ability to withstand punishment, knowledge of earths secrets, and capacity
for drinking ale, they are slow to laugh or jest and suspicious of strangers, but are generous to those few
who earn their trust. They value gold, gems jewelry, art and precious materials. They fight neither recklessly nor
timidly, but with courage and tenacity.


Elves mingle freely in human lands, always welcome, yet never at home there. They are known for their poetry, dance, song,
lore and magical arts. Elves favor things of natural and simple beauty. When danger threatens their wooded homes,
elves reveal a more martial side, demonstrating skill with sword, bow, and battle strategy. They are often more amused than excited, more likely to be curious than greedy. With such a long life span, they tend to keep a broad perspective
on events, remain aloof and unphased by happenstance. When pursuing a goal however, they can be relentless.


Gnomes are technicians, alchemists and inventors. Despite the demand for their skill, most gnomes prefer to remain amongst
them selves. They adore animals, beautiful gems, and jokes of all kinds. They love puns, jokes, games and tricks-
the more intricate, the better, they apply dedication to engineering, as well as their jokes. Gnomes are inquisitive and
love to find out things by personal experience, sometimes even recklessness. They always try to build things.
Sometimes they pull a prank just to see how the people involved will react.


Half elf - half human, half elf. The life of a half elf is hard. If raised by elves, they seem to grow way too fast,
reaching adulthood in 20 years. An adult by stature, but still don't fully know elven culture or even grammar. Typically they leave home to find their way among the humans. If they are raised by humans, they find themselves more aloof,
sensitive, less ambitious, and slower to mature. Some try to fit in with the humans, but still feel like outsiders.
Most are curious, inventive, and ambitious, have refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes.


They Often are strange and wanderers, and others react to them with curiosity or suspicion. They are cunning, resourceful
survivors. They prefer trouble to boredom, and are wanderers who enjoy wealth and the pleasures it can bring,
and spend the money as soon as they can get it. They collect all kinds of things: books, weapons, jewelry, and some
even collect beasts. Depending on the clan, they can be reliable, hard-working, or thieves.