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These are classes that are available at this time.


Clerics are the handiwork of the gods. They are reserved to intruitive, simple to inscrutable. They use the power of the gods
to improve themselves.


Druids are calm like the morning sun, and have the fury of a storm at the same time. They command shapeshifting, yet
claim no mastery over nature. They gain their power by being at one with nature.


Fighters are questers, conquerers, and elite mercenaries. They are defenders of those in need, cruel marauders, or gutsy


Monks pursue perfection through action as well as contemplation. they train themselves to be versatile warriors skilled at
fighting without armor or weapons. They are always ready for battle and can be unnoticed among the populace.


The passion to pursue good, the will uphold the law, and the power to defeat evil are the three weapons of the paladin. They
are protectors, healers, and smiter's. The paladin is the final hope that cannot be extinguished.


Rangers are cunning and powerful, skilled at hunting and stalking, know the woods as if they were his home, and know his
prey in deadly detail.


Rogues are stealthy and thieves, others are silver tongued tricksters. Still others are scouts, infiltrators, and spies,
diplomats and thugs. In general, rogues are skilled at getting what others don't want them to get.


Sorcerers get magic as an inborn talent. Some claim that the blood of dragons course through their veins. They have striking
good looks, usually with the touch of exotic that hints at an unusual heritage.


A few unintelligible words and fleeting gestures carry more power than a battle axe when they are those of a wizard. These
simple acts seem easy, but they only hint at the time the wizard spent pouring over books preparing for casting,
and the years spent apprenticing to learn the arts of magic.