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Evolved Skill: Evolved Skill::Arcane - Dependant Stat: {{#arraymap:Int|,|x|Dependant Stat::x}}
Uses nanites to interface with electronic devices, cyberware and the like. This type also gives the evolved lightning fast reflexes and the ability to multi-task in their own brain.

This is the Wizard's ability to manipulate and interact with a Net/Virtuality-based reality. Your skill starts at +1 and covers two areas:

  • Counterparting, or the ability to communicate with and control computer-based hardware.
  • Familiar, the ability to create complex "programs" by thinking about them, and running them subconsciously. A Wizard may run as many programs as half of his Int score, rounded down NOTE: Wizards can also Counterpart with programs.


  • Talk to Me - Simply starting the communication with a device
  • Do Your Thing - Asked to perform its regular function
  • Do Me a Favor - Asked to perform an unusual function
  • Break Programming for Me - Asked to ignore previous instructions and do something very unusual
  • Forget Me - Asked to erase all record or memory of interacting with wizard.

Wizard Subroutines


  • Can talk to any computer-controlled machine.
  • Can create independent Familiar programs which he can can talk with and control.
  • Can hear/see radio, TV and Virtuality signals.
  • Can project mental view through the Net.
  • Must eat 1% Body stat (in kg) every 12 hours or lose abilities in 1hr.
  • Can move his presence (ICON) through the Net at a speed equal to his normal Move.
  • Increased reflexes gives +Ref::4 to Ref