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Evolved Skill: Interpretation - Dependant Stat: Cool
Uses nanites to alter perception of those around him to see emotions, and has a limited ability to read minds. Can also communicate telepathically with other scanners.

This skill represents the Scanner's ability to sense and interpret the brainwave patterns of a given target. The result is determined by the Detail of the reading and the surrounding environment (see table in book), modified by the Familiarity of the target (see table in book). The Scanner may also "push" his basic range(10m) by deducting points from his Cool stat. Your skill starts at +1

In addition, the Scanner may use an electrical/nervous blast called a "static wave attack" to fry anyone touching him, at a physical cost to himself (see table in book).

  • Raw Emotion (instant)
  • Surface Intent (1 round)
  • Subvocalization (1 round)
  • Images (2 rounds)
  • Scanner communication (1 round)


  • Increased reflexes gives you +3 to Ref at any time.
  • Can turn power on/off as desired
  • Can generate their own Static fields to stop readings (treat as Very High environment)
  • Can Extend range of reading for -1 Cool per 1 meter. Add +1 Cool for every meter below base range.
  • You may make as many Damage Class levels of Static Wave attacks per day as 2X your -Cool stat. (e.g., a Cool of 7 = 14 DC total)
  • Can only scan one target at a time