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Gareth Truthseeker
Fort +12
ref +8
will +11

Combat Expertise - trade up to +5 on attack for same bonus to AC,cannot pass base attack bonus
Improved Initiative - +4 on initiative checks
Weapon Focus(Longsword) - +1 attack with longsword
Devoted Performer - multiclass between paladin and bard freely and bard and bard and paladin levels stack for smite damage and bardic music uses

Class Abilities:
Aura of Good - Radiate Good as a cleric of equal level
Smite Evil - + charisma mod to attack roll and paladin level to damage against evil creatures/charaters. 1 time per day
Detect Evil - - as spell at will
Divine Grace - add cha modifier to savingthrows
Lay on Hands - touch can heal up to cha mod * paladin level per day
Bardic Knowledge - know general things about everything check is at d20 + bard level
Bardic Music - to complicated and long to post i only use a few powers of it
known 4 level 0 they are Read Magic, Summon Instrument, Know Direction, and Message
Per Day 2 level 0

Stats Rolls:
HP: 10+con mod of 4 +11 +6= 31 HP
Equipment: Longsword
light steel shield
chain shirt

Background Info

Description: Before you sits a man, sharpening his sword. As you approach he stands up to a height of about 6 feet 2 inches. As he stands he favors his right leg. He has many scars in plain view. His hair is a deep golden and he has a light tan. Suprisingly though none seem to detract from his appearance. He wears an air of hope about him that seems to draw you closer to him. He looks you in the eye and his deep green eyese seem to pull you in. He smiles and says "Hello my name is Gareth. Who might You be?"