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YoGang Skill - Dependant Stat: Ref - YoGang: StreetFighter
You've spent years perfecting your martial arts skills (described as you like). Now you've mastered the fundamental structure of your form: the kata that allows you to whip out blistering attacks at incredible speeds. It can be used in place of your Streetfighting skill in hand-to-hand combat (or melee combat, if you are using your martial art weapon). Exactly like the Edgerunner skill of Hand-to-Hand Combat, it also gives a bonus equal to your skill added to the 1D10 die roll for damage on the Wounds Table (pg. 152) in any hand to hand combat. You will also have a +2 to Hit advantage with any two types of move (spinning kick, thrusting punch, etc.). The description of this move and its function are up to you.