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Evolved Skill: Evolved Skill::Holler - Dependant Stat: {{#arraymap:Body|,|x|Dependant Stat::x}}
This is the Jammer's ability to produce, assimilate and broadcast (both sonically and via radio) sounds of various types. Your skill starts at +1. The difficulty of the task depends on whether you're trying to speak, or imitate, and the degree of accuracy required.


  • Jammers can adjust the size and shape of their ears to listen to various sounds
  • Jammers have a hexite voxsynth system in their throat, allowing them to create any sound they can imagine, as well as creating multiple tubes within their esophagus to emulate multiple sounds at once.
  • Sonic Stun, range equals average of Holler and Body. May only be used 8 times a day without straining the throat. (-1 Body for every use after the eighth)
  • Voice modulation allows +3 to social skills when speaking
  • Jammers can retain a number of voices equal to one half their Int stat times their holler skill.
  • Jammers must eat 1% of their Body stat every 8 hours. If they fail, their throat and ears solidify and they can only be fed intravenously to recover. Jammers do not hibernate. (yikes!)
  • Because Jammers have moldable ears, they can seal their ears up (using their hands) with such precision that they are effectively deaf.