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Evolved Skill: Cable Control - Dependant Stat: Ref
Source: Dr. Margaret Tuere, CDC [[email protected]&D_DBioP..TC1

Destination: Lt. Gen. Chris Lacolucci [email protected]_Tac..JH1

Message Reads:
General, I feel that I have some distressing news. It appears that the Scouts were only the first "blended" creature. The Hydras, as a
mythology minded lab technician calls them, are another Tinman and Bolter hybrid with a touch of Wizard. I'm terrified of what could 
happen with other pairings; just imagine some of the possibilities with a Tinman and Alchemist combination.

Luckily, there is much these creatures can't do. They have no increased senses; they cannot create an electrical charge; and they cannot
extrude armor. Even with these limitations, their abilities are frightening. First of all, the nannites have created extensive hexite 
wiring in their brain. This effectively makes them a level above ambidextrous. This is an intruiging change, but when combined with the 
second, it is far more dangerous. Like their Bolter cousins, they can send out a cable of hexite. Their cable, however, is much thicker,
shorter, and composed of a tremendously intricate system of fibers. Using these fibers to transfer and force as tension, the Hydras can 
use the cable as an extra arm, capable of lifting, typing, or even firing a gun. This means that we now have children with built-in 
whips and garrotes. While the cables, individually, are not as strong as their wielder, they are still useful for many tasks. Our 
subject learned to use his as means of transport, using them as extended legs and for swinging from handhold to handhold. All the 
modification to their arms has resulted in a moderate increase in both strength and speed, but it is the cables that are the largest 

As for identification, it is difficult, but not impossible. On their forearms, each Hydra has a slit about 5 centimeters long, from 
which the cables extrude. They may not seem as dangerous as most of the other creatures, but don't let that impression fool you. Imagine
a mutant like this becoming a solo capable of using four weapons at once and able to scale buildings or swing away. Do not 
underestimate them or they will kill you.

This is the Hydra's ability to use their cables effectively. Use the complexity of the task (Table 1) and add in any modifiers (Table 2) to figure out the difficulty.

Table 1: Task Complexity
Type Definition Example Difficulty
Basic Gripping a large object Grabbing a railing Easy (10)
Simple Gross movements, gripping a small objects Using a hammer, gripping a coin Average (15)
Complex Delicate movements Using a screwdriver Diff. (20)
Very Complex Making fine movements Using a keypad Vry Diff. (25)
Intricate Making fine precise movements Assembling a gun, surgery Nr. Imp. (30)
Table 2: Modifiers
Using both cables on same task -5/10
Using past 10m +1 per 5m


  • Increased body mass gives +2 Body.
  • Increased reflexes gives +2 Ref when desired.
  • Can have up to four actions a round (with GM's discretion)
  • Cable AR: 5
  • Cable SDP: 10 SDP
  • Individual Cable Strength: 1/2 Bod
  • AP attacks to the cable do double damage
  • Crushing attacks do 1/2 damage
  • Can heal .5m of Cable per hour
  • Must eat 1% Body every 8 hr. or arms become useless

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