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Quest: The Warden's Responsibility


Name: Brim
Stronghold name: Farack of Ungart
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Affiliation: Neutral-Good
Probational Guard
Character description (height, weight, languages)


The Dwarven clan of Ungart sent an ambassador on a long journey to meet and assist an embattled tribe. A select handful of fighters were sent to guard the ambassador. Some of these were Ungart's finest warriors, exuding loyalty, determination, and courage in the face of death. Others in the party were quite strong, but were chosen to give Ungart a months-long reprieve from their unwanted antics and mischievous behavior. Brim was one of the latter guards. The journey was long and hard, and the men were fierce. However, daily attacks from wild animals and foolish bandits took their toll on the group, and the weakened band of warriors eventually succumbed. The mission was a failure, and the ambassador died. Ashamed to return home, Brim eventually found himself staying in a small town, spending most of his time tring to forget the events at the tavern.

Brim's frequently drunk behavior wore thin with the townfolk, most of whom he didn't trust anyway. Too much meade, and penchant for violence, and memories that couldn't be forgotten led to a few run-ins with the town's guards, who occassionally tossed Brim in jail until he could sober up and return to the tavern. During one of these episodes, the guards made the mistake of putting Brim in a shared cell with a rather shady half-orc. By morning, the half-orc was dead. The guards were unable to get any story out of Brim, but the fact that the half-orc's head was crushed indicated that whatever happened wasn't an accident. To safely rid the town of Brim once and for all, the guards decided not to make the odd death public, but instead sent Brim away to be dealt with in a neighboring town. All Brim knew of this arrangement was that it involved him being knocked unconcious by a terribly vicious beating at the hands of the guards. He awoke in a mysterious cell...


Total HP: 32
Current HP: 32
Level: 1
XP: 3450
Str:  16 (+) 3
Dex:  11 (+) 0
Con:  17 (+) 3
Int:  12 (+) 1
Wis:  14 (+) 2
Cha:  11 (+) 0


Armor Class: 14
Touch AC: 10
Flat-footed: 14 
Speed: 20


Initiative modifier:   +0 =          +0 [dexterity]
Fortitude save:        +5 = 3 [base] +3 [constitution]
Reflex save:           +0 = 0 [base] +0 [dexterity]
Will save:             +2 = 0 [base] +2 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld):     +4 = 1 [base] +3 [strength]
Attack (unarmed):      +4 = 1 [base] +3 [strength]
Attack (missile):      +1 = 1 [base] +0 [dexterity]
Grapple check:         +4 = 1 [base] +3 [strength] 


Light load:  <X lb.
Medium load: X-Y lb.
Heavy load:  Y-Z lb.
Current Equipment:


Power Attack
Initiative (+4)
Improved Overrun

Trained Skills

Skill Name | Ability | Points
Climb      | Str  |     5
Ride       | Dex  |     4	
Swim       | Str* |     5
Search     | Int  |     2
Listen     | Wis  |     2
Intimidate |      |     4
  • = check penalty for wearing armor

Dwarf Traits

* Darkvision
* Stonecunning
* Weapon Familiarity: Dwarven waraxe, Dwarven urgrosh, Fighter familiarity
* Stability
* +2 against poison
* +2 against spells
* +1 attack vs orcs, goblins
* +2 Dodge AC vs giants
* +2 Appraise, Craft

Fighter Traits

* Yada yada
* Yada yada
* Yada yada


Light mace  (1d6)
Chain shirt
Tower shield
19g 8s
2 rations (4 days)
1 potion of cure light wounds