Chapter One: Escape! - February 11, 2011

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Note from Xeno: I still have to go through and fix this up and flesh it out a little bit, will be doing that as soon as I get a chance.

And so our story begins

Somewhere in a remote prison a hapless Warden loses track of one of the prisoners he has sent down into to his dungeon. Not wanting to soil his own hands searching through the decrepit halls and dark corridors, he devises a plan to use a group of prisoners to do it for him. He sends out his guards to select 9 prisoners to send down into the dungeon and locate this lost prisoner.

These 9 prisoners all comply with the guards when they come to their cells, although one unruly brute spits in one of the guards faces and receives a direct punch to the face before he gives in and decides to go with the guard. They are each filed into one large bare room with nothing but a beat up old chest in the corner. Before them stands the warden who explains to them his plight and has asked them for help in order to apprehend the lost prisoner somewhere in the depths of the dungeon. With almost no resistance the group decides to agree, seeing as they have little other options at that point. They are each given a weapon to protect themselves and are filed one by one down a dark corridor leading to the dungeon below.

Armed with only basic weapons and two torches, Billy the cleric decides to cast light on his dagger to help illuminate the room, and they all venture further into each room to see what they can find. The rooms are all dark, with torture devices everywhere, this was no mere dungeon, this was a torture chamber. Vials of an unknown substance can be found throughout some of the rooms, which a few members of the party decide it might be a good idea to hold on to.

As they head towards a locked door in one of the rooms, they are surprised when a Carrion Crawler sneaks up on them from the darkness. The party quickly dispatches this vile creature walking away from the battle completely unscathed. They bust open the door that was blocking their way and they continue deeper into the darkness.

They come upon a room that has nothing more then a desk and a locked chest. With nothing but a rusty shank, the rogue makes due and picks the lock on the chest to find nothing but a small ring with a black stone on it. He is unsure what the ring is so he asks some of the other prisoners what they make of it, it turns out a few of them recognize some of the markings on it and it seems to be some sort of ring infused with the power of electricity. Finding some possible significance in this ring the rogue decides to pocket it in order to keep it secret and keep it safe.

While the rogue was busy with the chest the others searched the room and searched the drawers of the desk that sat in front of them. Inside the desk they found a diary, and it just so happened to be the wardens own diary. Inside it explained in detail his true plan, he knowingly sent prisoners down to the dungeons to die so he could take the money normally used for the prisoners and keep it all to himself. He thought of it as a way of cleaning up his prison and keeping empty cells for even more prisoners to be brought in.

They decide to head to another room to search some more, in this room they find a body strapped down to a torture device. Curious, one in the group decides to poke it to see if it is still alive, it shrieks in horror so loud that even those not in the room were able to hear it. Because it is restrained they quickly kill the wicked creature and chop its head off to quell the terrifying shrieking.

It is at this point two clever little elves notice something odd about the stone wall that stands next to them. After some examination they realize it is not just a plain stone wall, but it is a secret passageway. They force the passageway open and descend further down the stairs into the darkness, the whole party then files down one by one through the narrow staircase. Towards the bottom they begin to see the silhouette of a man, and the cries of girl.

The man greets them and asks them what business do they have with him, to which the party replies they have been sent down to search for a lost prisoner. Seeing that the girl is indeed in danger Xeemn bravely says "You no hurt girl!" as he lunges at the man. The man suddenly casts a shielding spell on himself, protecting him from the onslaught of attacks being launched at him, even shattering the rusted blade of one of the warriors trying to kill him. But without fail, this random group of strangers prove to be far more then the man can handle and he is quickly killed.

After searching through the mans belongings it is discovered that this man was actually a necromancer and has been toying and experimenting with the prisoners sent down to him by the warden. After unsuccessfully trying to bash the lock on the cell door of where the girl was being held the rogue steps in and tries his hand at opening it, and while difficult luckily the lock was not damaged too much and he is able to crack it open and release the captive girl.

The party sits and decides what their next action to take will be, and they decide it might prove well to attempt at taking out the warden with the ring they now hold in their possession. They venture back to the entrance of this dungeon and upon reaching the door they are told by the guards to disarm themselves and exit one by one back into the room in front of the warden. All disarm themselves but the two elves who decide it might prove worthwhile to conceal their daggers. With them they haul up the body of the dead necromancer, with the frightened girl following behind them.

Amazed to see that they have all come back unscathed the Warden stands there as he decides what he wants to do with them. When he is shown his own diary which reveals all the evil deeds done deep inside the dungeon the warden decides to strike up a deal with these former prisoners. He tells them "The ring and the diary in exchange for their freedom." The group begins to chat amongst themselves deciding whether or not to take the deal. Most of them seem like it is a fair enough exchange and decide to accept his deal.

Unable to hold his rage for the evil deeds this warden has done, Billy the cleric yells at the warden "You'll never take this damn ring from me!" then lunges at him and grabs a hold of him with the hand that is wearing the ring of electrical surge. Shocked, but hardly injured the warden draws his blade and hits billy in the side of the head with the blunt side of the blade, knocking him to his knees. It is at this time that the barbarian lunges at billy in attempt to take the ring from him. Amazingly while still on his knees Billy manages to throw the barbarian off of him as he still struggles to stay up.

One of the party apologizes for the actions of the other prisoner and asks if it is alright if the deal for our freedom could still be reconciled. To their surprise the warden agrees, he is impressed with this group of prisoners, nay adventures, and he no longer wants them in his prison he has other uses for them. He offers each one a chance to become a "Probationary Guard" and deal with unfortunate assignments he is given that he would rather not leave his post to deal with. Some accept, each for their own reasons, others just simply ask for their freedom and walk out the door. Billy furious with the events taking place slams the ring down on the table and promptly leaves the room heading for the exit, and a few others deciding it was best for them decide to do the same. Upon exit of the Prison a strange mark appears on each of their left hands, not knowing what it is Billy covers it up and he and two others head towards the nearest friendly temple.

One of the elves who declines, heads off by himself towards the woods. To those who have accepted the wardens offer, they are paid their wages upfront and each given a weapon and armor to choose from and they they are released from the prison. Upon exiting they each also receive a strange mark on their hands they cannot recognize, but being the merry few that they are they all decide it best to head towards the nearest tavern to get drunk and forget about the trials they had just overcome.

And this is where we left off, the party has split up, half headed for the nearest friendly temple, the other half headed towards the local tavern to drink themselves to sleep, and one lonely Ranger off into the woods to be alone in his element.

What are the strange markings on each of their hands? What does the future hold in store for this talented group of individuals forced for a short amount of time to act as a team, now separated and torn apart by various beliefs and moral standings. What dangers and adventures lie ahead for all of them? Well now.. that tale is for another time..