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Evolved Skill: Evolved Skill::Manipulation - Dependant Stat: {{#arraymap:Tech|,|x|Dependant Stat::x}}
Uses nanites to de-construct and reconstruct objects to their base elements. Mixing elements to create composite elements is a common, if not complex, feat for this evolved type. You can taste objects to determine their core components. You cannot use your ability on living objects of any kind. There are three ways of using the skill, to disassemble object, reshape objects, and assemble objects. To achieve this you send out your special "nanites" to perform an operation by touching it, then you must recover them when you are done.


  • Disassembly is the least difficult at 6, next is assembly at 12, and last is reshaping at 18.
  • There are a few difficulty levels of transformations
    • Superficial - A single shift in molecular structure; solid to/from liquid, diamond to/from coal, liquid to/from gas, lump to/from sphere, ingot to/from bar.
    • Simple - Multiple shift molecular structure; dense to/from diffuse (solid to gas), material change one element, add/remove element to/from another element.
    • Complex - Material change involving 2 or 3 elements; stripping water from wood. Retooling simple element; making steel into revolver.
    • Intricate - Material change involving more then 3 elements; turning steel into automatic pistol. Turning brass into pocket watch.
  • Must be touching element to use skill on it.
  • Can recover Body x 10kg per turn of "nanites" when changing an element.

Notable PCs