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Welcome to the CyberGeneration Wiki!

CyberGeneration is a game made by R. Talsorian Games that seems to be handled largely by Firestorm Ink now.

It's a game set in the Cyperpunk universe, in the future, one where a nanite plague has infected the youth of the world, while ravaging the adult populace with death. Corporations and governments world-wide cooperate to capture and "relocate" these special kids who have become infected with the cyber-plague. The organization tasked with the job of rounding up these kids is called BuReLoc. The only thing is, the "Cyber-evolved", as kids who have it are commonly referred to, are actually better off with the plauge then without it.

It is common knowledge that some large entity (either government or corporation) had their hand in constructing this plague in a lab; when it got out of control, they decided it needed to be stopped. The only problem is, the cyber-evolved don't want to be stopped. Welcome to the Revolution, we are the cyber-evolved.

The purpose of this wiki is to bring all the information about cybergeneration into one place that can be easily accessible to anyone, and one that everyone can change. Online there are a few sites already that have a great deal of CyberGen information, I have links to those sites under each of their respective categories, for reference.

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