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Blind Fight

You know how to fight in melee without being able to see your foes.

Benefit: In melee, every time you miss because of concealment, you can reroll your chance percentile roll one time to see if you actually hit.
An invisible attacker gets no advantages related to hitting you in melee. That is, you don't lose your dex bonus to Armor Class, and the attacker doesn't get the usual +2 bonus for being invisible. The attacker's bonuses still do apply for ranged attacks, however.
Normal: Regular attack roll modifiers for invisible attackers trying to hit you apply, and you lose your dex bonus to AC. The speed reduction for darkness and poor visibility apply.
Special: This feat is of no use against a character who is the subject of a blink spell. A fighter may select Blind Fight as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Brew Potion

You can create potions, which carry spells within themselves.

Prerequisite: Caster level 3rd.
Benefit: You can create a potion of any 3rd-Level or lower spell that you know and that targets one or more creatures. Brewing a potion takes one day. When you create a potion, you set the caster level, which must be sufficient to cast the spell in question, and no higher than your own level.
When you create a potion, you make any choices that you would normally make when casting the spell. Whoever drinks the potion is the target of the spell.