Learn more about the Fightlist


The fightlist allows you to fight premade lists of clan characters, you can filter out characters you typically lose to, and you can filter out other clans as well. You can filter by Power Rating, Score, Clan Points, Net Worth, and Money.

You can save your settings in the fightlist, and you can also fight inside of frames, which lets you click fight in one frame, and watch the results in another frame. The fightlist lets you select a specific clan to fight, or fight the top 5 clans. If you want to see the details of the characters you are fighting, just toggle on the user details, and you can see all the info right in the select box.

The very bottom box lets you type in the IP of carnage blender that you use to fight with, in case of those of you out there who have the carnage blender ip blocked from work or for some other weird reason. ;)



Learn more about the Forgemaster


The forgemaster lets you do all the forging without all the silly thinking about what the formula is. And if you DO need to change the forumula, just change the numbers shown and the formula updates automatically.

You can also save a custom formula on the server so you can restore it later. The forgemaster also lets you forge in frames for easy access to your forging window to check for bot checks. The forgemaster has each piece of equipment categorized into its own type. Just select the type, then select the individual piece you want to forge.