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Main Summary

This page is the one stop shop for everything related to my campaign.

  • This campaign is run online via a chatroom inside a web game called Carnage Blender and in a Mumble voice chat room run on this server. (server, using default mumble port, use whatever username you like)
  • My game is scheduled via Google Calendar, so you can find our upcoming games easily here: Link
  • If you are interested in reading some of the past role playing sessions, you can see a select few sessions archived here: Link (Warning: vulgar language abounds)
  • If you are interested in playing, feel free to contact me at verifex (fill in the @ sign) or inside of Carnage Blender (my username is Verifex in there too)

Campaign Notes



Character tag Yogang type Cybergen type Ip Hit points left Body Ref Int Move Age Height
Gunny Victor "Dick" Isidoro TinkerTot 108108 77 77 55 88 44 17 66 '0"
Natasha Sarah Rose Blackthorn MegaViolent 108108 77 88 88 66 66 16 66 '2"

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